Do iframes Work In Emails?

Intro In a bid to standardize the email signatures for my day job I was posed an interesting question. Could we use an iframe to pull a custom layout from a website into the email signature? I have a feeling I knew the answer but I wanted to make sure to explore all the options. […]

Learning Blender After SketchUp | Part 4 – Measurements

Intro Hey everyone Patrik CK with part 4 of my guide to help make the transition from SketchUp to Blender. When I first started using Blender I thought it was more of a tool for artists than engineers and in some respects that’s true but I as started using Blender for my 3D printing projects […]

Learning Blender After SketchUp | Part 3 – Push/Pull

Intro Hey everyone Patrik CK with part 3 of my guide to help make the transition from SketchUp to Blender. Before we start I just want to give a quick thanks for all the feedback and comments so far, it’s much appreciated! In case you haven’t reviewed the first two guides please take a moment […]

Halo CE Remastered Image Comparison – Part 1

Intro It is easy to say that Halo Combat Evolved was a defining game of my childhood. Even though it came out all the way back in November of 2001 it’s still played by hardcore fans all over the world in its original form. Now with the release of Halo CE Anniversary Edition, the original […]

Learning Blender after SketchUp | Part 2 – Snapping

Intro Hey everyone Patrik CK here with part 2 of my series helping those of us who are lifelong SketchUp users transition to Blender. With the official release of Blender 2.8+ it’s absolutely never been easier to get started. Quick tip, installing Blender through Steam will make sure you always have the most up to […]

Elementor and Beaver Builder In-Depth Comparison

Elementor and Beaver Builder comparison post image

Elementor Initial Release in December 2016 Beaver Builder Initial Release in March 2014 Intro During my time in the realm of website development I’ve moved from one platform to the next starting with straight HTML writing in a Notepad (still do sometimes), quickly moving to Microsoft FrontLine to generate HTML and CSS, rather poorly, then […]

An In-Depth Guide to the Best Modules of Ultimate Addons and PowerPack

PowerPack Developed by IdeaBox Creations Ultimate Addons Developed by Brainstorm Intro There’s a pitched battle for those of us who use Beaver Builder over the addon plugins that extends and enhances the Beaver Builder platform. None more fought over than between the two major module extensions available out there. Ultimate Addons and PowerPack. Each adds […]

Limit WordPress Revisions without a Plugin

Intro WordPress revisions are helpful when you need to retrieve an old copy of a page or post. While saved revisions are important to managing your WordPress site they can pose an interesting problem that I recently started experiencing when saving pages on WordPress sites I was developing. Full Guide Watch the overview video or […]

AUKEY DRS2 Detachable Dual Camera Dashcam Review

AUKEY DRS2 Dual Camera Dashcam

0 % Overall Rating Looking to update your dashcam? This guy is it, powerful and versatile Full Product Name AUKEY Dual Dash Cam 3 in 1 FHD 1080p IR Night Vision Car Camera 170 Degrees Wide-Angle Dash Camera for Cars with Supercapacitor, WDR, Motion Detection, G-Sensor, Loop and Dual-Port Car Charger Intro Several weeks ago […]