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About Me

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My favorite quotes

“If things were easy, they would be boring”

“When you do things right, people won’t be sure you’ve done anything at all”

Godfellas : Futurama 4-08

What Defines Who I Am and What I Do

Life-Long Student

I have a firm belief that to keep a healthy mind you have to exercise it and for me, that’s learning something new every day. There are a couple of ways I like to make that happen. One source of new passive knowledge is YouTube where I subscribe to many of the major sciences, technology, and history channels so that I can keep up with new breakthroughs and our everlasting push forward.

One way I like to learn is to set myself a challenge, usually to push the limit of what I know on a topic I’m familiar with or even on a new topic. Then I take the time to read how to do it, try it myself, mostly fail at the beginning, refine my effort, and ultimately, hopefully, succeed. There is no better feeling than seeing your work come together. I frequently find that something you learned for one project can be adapted to another even across multiple disciplines.

Life-Long Teacher

Another belief of mine is, why learn something if you’re just going to keep it yourself? Besides learning my other fundamental goal is to share what I’ve learned as much as possible. I find this especially important after I’ve done the research and found answers by others who may have done more of the heavy lifting, their efforts helped me, so I like to make sure I’m not the only beneficiary. As you may have guessed one way I do this is through my YouTube channel, this is the best way to reach as many people as I can with the limited time I have to devote to it.

Of course, YouTube is a little impersonal so when I have the opportunity I try to help others on a more one on one basis. Whether that’s just giving advice on how to start their own YouTube channel or in-depth training session on a piece of software I enjoy teaching others who are motivated to learn. It’s truly the only way we keep humanity pushing forward. One of my favorite subjects to teach is website development. Lately I’ve started a new focus on CAD, specifically around Blender.

Diverse Interests

If you have looked around this site you already know I have many interests. There are actually more than I’ve covered but the five I talk about the most, website development, video product, photography, 3D CAD, and 3D printing are the interests I work on the most and have, I’d say, an above-average level of experience with. You can read more about each as you explore this site.

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