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Career History

CK Multimedia Group

As the founder and driving force behind CK Multimedia Group, I spearhead a pioneering ‘Technical Creative’ agency that seamlessly merges technical expertise with artistic expression. My role involves:

  • Innovation Leadership: Cultivating a culture of innovation and creativity, guiding a team of skilled professionals to deliver cutting-edge solutions in website development, video production, 3D CAD, printing, and AI technology integration.
  • Project Management: Overseeing diverse projects, ensuring they not only align with our technical standards but also resonate with our creative vision, resulting in unique and impactful outcomes.
  • Client Relations: Building and maintaining strong relationships with clients, understanding their needs, and providing tailored solutions that blend technical prowess with creative flair.
  • Strategic Direction: Setting the strategic direction of the company, identifying new opportunities in the tech-creative landscape, and ensuring we stay at the forefront of industry advancements.

Under my leadership, CK Multimedia Group has become synonymous with technical excellence and creative innovation, offering a suite of services that redefine the boundaries of technology and creativity.

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WT Digital Agency

One of the things that sets WT Digital apart from many other web design and development firms is their dedication to personalized service. WebTech is large enough to deliver world-class, state-of-the-art business solutions, and lean enough to communicate with their customers directly. WT Digital is on-hand to help when you want to talk about the design of your site. They consider their own success to be inextricably intertwined with that of our clients and go the extra mile to be certain that we deliver the web design you need and want



Strategic Initiatives

Spearheaded the end-to-end implementation of ‘TeamWork,’ a comprehensive project management system, enhancing the organization’s project management and financial oversight capabilities. This involved in-depth research and selection, company-wide training, and ongoing maintenance. The successful launch of TeamWork brought significant improvements in team collaboration, time tracking, budget management, financial reporting, and work utilization, catering to diverse team sizes and project complexities.

Led the initiative to overhaul the company’s communication infrastructure by researching, selecting, and implementing a new VOIP system. Chose Ooma for its versatility and user-friendly interface, successfully training staff company-wide. This strategic move not only enhanced internal communication but also addressed key challenges by centralizing 2FA code retrieval, resulting in widespread acclaim for its convenience and efficiency.

Drove the adoption of Elementor as the primary website building tool for WordPress, streamlining the web development process. Managed all phases from research and selection to implementation and company-wide training. This strategic shift significantly increased efficiency in website creation, enabling rapid deployment of intricate designs without extensive coding, thus enhancing both productivity and design capabilities.


devry school university


Georgia state university


Work History

rons auto sales
Ron's Auto Sales - Sold

Ron’s Auto Sales, Inc was established in 2002 by Ron and Debbie as a local family-owned and operated Christian business. Ron is an armed forces veteran and a lifetime member with the local Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 5255 Lawrenceville Chapter. He is heavily involved with numerous local children’s charities most notably Santa’s Toy Run ( Toy Drive and Fundraiser for foster children.



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Pepboys Auto

In 1921, four Navy buddies spotted an emerging market for auto supplies stores and pooled $800 to open the first one in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Since then, Pep Boys has been ahead of its time in the business world, weathering several economic events to remain one of the most widely known aftermarket auto parts and service brands in the country today.



Strategic Initiatives

Strategically spearheaded the warehouse optimization initiative, creating a comprehensive mapping system that was subsequently adopted as the company-wide standard. My implementation across multiple locations included extensive training and ongoing maintenance. This innovative approach halved the time required for inventory stocking and set a precedent for operational efficiency, serving as a model for the entire company.

Appointed as a key trainer for emerging managers, encompassing both entry-level and mid-level management tiers. Developed and delivered comprehensive training programs tailored to equip new managers with essential leadership, operational, and strategic skills. This initiative played a crucial role in nurturing a pipeline of competent managerial talent, ensuring smooth transitions and sustained organizational growth.

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Carmax Auto Superstore

CarMax is the United States’ largest used-car retailer and a Fortune 500 company. The first CarMax location opened in September 1993. As of May 2015, the company had 156 location



Strategic Initiatives

Actively participated in a Kaizen performance improvement team, focusing on the enhancement of departmental processes. Played a key role in the implementation, training, and maintenance of new strategies within my department, leading to a marked increase in inventory team output. This initiative not only streamlined operations but also fostered a culture of continuous improvement and efficiency.

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