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Other Interests

Computers built
Gallons of resin used

Let’s just say I like to keep busy so I have my hands in several cookie jars. Building and working on computers has always picked my interest. Resin art has been a fun new side project. Reading in any genre is a must, etc etc.

More to come!


It hasn’t been this exciting to be a hardcore tech nerd especially when it comes to all the new tech for the humble computer. Whether if it’s PCI-E Gen4 adoptions, or watching AMD absolutely embarrass Intel, or the introduction of DDR5 for consumers, the next-gen graphics cards, there’s so much to watch and salivate over. I’ve been building computers for my self and others for more than a decade but it’s never been like this before.

One this still holds true. You can’t cheap out on computer hardware, that’s why I only trust certain companies with my computer hardware. Read my list of Trusted Brands to see who I rely on when building my computers.

Video Games

You can’t build computers without benching markering their gaming performance! I may not have a whole lot of time to play but when I do I take up just as a diverse variety as my hobbies. From racing simulators to factory building sims to the good ole first-person shooters.

The official CKTC VW GTI Racer

Forza Horizon 4

One of the best driving games available the pinnacle of the Forza series.


Even though still in Alpha this is one of the best factory building simulators out available

HALO: Master Cheif Collection

Can't go wrong with the game that revolutionized the industry!

Resin Art

Using hardening resin for art has definitely been gaining popularity over the years. All the cool pieces of works you can make with it and the simplicity of it makes it an interesting hobby to pick up. Of course, once you try it out the first time it’s that easy and can certainly become a mess if you’re not careful.

I thought it would be an interesting idea to combine resin with some of my 3D printing projects and see what I can make out of combining two very different worlds.