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"It's not really that I'm interested in filmmaking. I'm interested in the instrument of it."


As critical as internet exposure is there are still websites out there, that while they work, simply do not provide the user experience needed to get YOUR message out there, be it a non-profit trying to spread awareness about injustice in the world or a small business trying to gain new customers. A website is now the first impression and a good one can mean the difference between an informed public or a lost customer.

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I still remember making my first site using the now defunct FrontPage application. Needless to say, it was a pain and the code it spat out was almost incomprehensible. It was better to write the HTML markup in notepad. Then came Dreamweaver, compared to Frontpage, was like night and day, the interface options, CSS view, and level of control was amazing, at the time.

Today, however, where complex functionality and responsiveness is a must and non-technical end-user maintenance is a given, there really is no better platform than WordPress.

With the expansive number of themes and amazing plugins that can add unparalleled functionality to a website, it is hard to imagine a time before WordPress. It makes creating a great website fun, which I love, and easy to maintain for the end users, which clients love.

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Most of these sites were done for my current employer WT Digital Agency (Q3 2018) (Q3 2016 - Refresh Q2 2019) (Q1 2018) (Q2 2018) (Q1 2018) (Q3 2017) (Q1 2018) (Q4 2016) (Q1 2017) (Q3 2019) (Q3 2019) (Q3 2017 - Refresh Q2 2019) (Q3 2017) (Q3 2018) (Q4 2018) (Q4 2018) (Q1 2019) (Q2 2018) (Q1 2017) (Q3 2017) (Q1 2019) (Q2 2016) (Q4 2016) (Q1 2017) (Q2 2019) (Q1 2019) (Q1 2017 - Refresh Q1 2019) (Q4 2019)