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An In-Depth Guide to the Best Modules of Ultimate Addons and PowerPack


There's a pitched battle for those of us who use Beaver Builder over the addon plugins that extends and enhances the Beaver Builder platform. None more fought over than between the two major module extensions available out there. Ultimate Addons and PowerPack. Each adds more than 60+ enhanced and unique modules to the Beaver Builder library.

They each have their stand out features and modules which is why in the end most developers and designers just install both of them and pick the modules they want from each on. In the end, though is there an all-out winner between the two? I wanted to find so I played around with both as much as I could and created a list for both comparing their modules and extras.

I created a pick list that outlines the modules I think are the best between the two plugins. You can go into your setting screen for both plugins and only show the modules from the list. This helps to clean up those massive module lists and saves you time from figuring which is best and gets you doing what you do best, building sites!

I will try to be as impartial as I can and will try to make updates once a month since both plugin developers are continuously adding new content, a lot of time to seemingly add an equivalent module that the other did earlier. I'll try my best to do so because only the most up to date information are of any worth.

None less It's a great battle to watch and one that only benefits us, developers and designers.

Last update 3/2/2020 - I aim to update at least once a month

  • powerpack icon


    Developed by IdeaBox Creations

  • Ultimate Addons logo

    Ultimate Addons

    Developed by Brainstorm

Pick List

Below is a list of the modules I've chosen to include on my sites from their respective plugins. I've gone through each module and compared them to their counterparts, if they had one, and chose the ones that I believe either had the better feature set, more options, or better user experience, etc. Further down I've listed every module and my thoughts about each if you want more detail.

Ultimate Addons logo
  • Advanced Icons
  • Advanced Menu
  • Advanced Sepataor
  • Advanced Tabs
  • Button
  • Contact Form
  • Content Toggle
  • Countdown
  • Counter
  • Creative Link
  • Flip Box
  • Gravity Form
  • How To
  • iHover
  • Image Hotspot
  • Info Banner
  • Info Cirlce
  • Interactive Banner
  • Login Forms
  • Marketing Button
  • Off-Canvas
  • Price List
  • Progress Bar
  • Retina Image
  • Ribbon
  • Slide Box
  • Table
  • Table of Contents
  • Team
  • Testimonials
  • Video
  • WooCommerce Modules
powerpack icon
  • 3D Gallery
  • Advanced Accordion
  • Album
  • Alert Box
  • Animated Headlines
  • Announcement Bar
  • Author Box
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Business Hours
  • Category Grid
  • Column Separator
  • Content Tiles
  • Coupon
  • Devices
  • Dot / Page Navigation
  • Dual Button
  • Facebook Modules
  • Fancy Heading
  • FAQ
  • File Download
  • Filterable Gallery
  • Google Map
  • Heading
  • Highlight Box
  • Hover Cards
  • Icon List
  • Image Comparison
  • Image
  • Image Scroll
  • Info Box
  • Info List
  • Instagram Feed
  • Logo Grid and Carousel
  • Modal Box
  • Photo Gallery
  • Post Timeline
  • Pricing Table
  • Pullquote
  • User Registration Form
  • Search Form
  • Sitemap
  • Smart Heading
  • Social Icons
  • Social Share
  • Star Rating
  • Subscribe Form
  • Timeline
  • Twitter Modules
  • Video Gallery

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Deep Dive

Below is a list of every module offered by both plugins. I identify which plugin offers the module and when the module was first introduced (innovation leaders). Hover or click each list item to read my perspective on each module, specifically any special features or options that give one module version an edge over the other. Again I will try to keep this list as update as is reasonably possible.

Quickly search for a specific module
Ultimate Addons logo
powerpack icon
Pretty unique photo gallery animation, not entirely sure it needed its own module. It would be nice to see it incorporated into the Photo Gallery module.
3D Gallery

Create beautiful 3D slider for your portfolio or gallery.

I prefer the PowerPack version here, it provides multiple source options including posts and ACF repeater and option page fields. I also like that each accordion can have a unique icon to represent it.
Advanced Accordion

Create accordions with custom styling options.


Different source options like Posts or ACF
Unlike the icon list modules offered by both this one is a little different and more powerful. You can create a list of different icons or images or all mixed together. I also like that you have a horizontal or vertical list. The only thing you can't do here is add text next to the icons.
Advanced Icons

Add beautiful icons and images that are beautifully designed clickable elements to entice the users


One of the few modules where I don't see any difference between their two option sets, so I can't choose one over the other here.
Advanced Menu

Create beautiful and highly customizable menu


Both modules serve the same function, to present posts, pages, and CPTs. They both have a lot of display options. A slight edge to the PowerPack version which has a few more option especially around pagination and predefined styles.
Advanced Posts / Content Grid

Powerful and flexible posts grid module with many options


A few more options
Both versions of this module have basically all the same options but the UABB version does have some color hover options and icon background options that the PowerPack version does not so advantage to UABB
Advanced Sepataor / Divider

Break a content with Advanced Separators that can be just a line, line with icon, line with image or line with text

Icon background style

I have to give the edge to UABB, I love the icon fall option in the tab appearance section, but PowerPack also has several style options for its layouts.
Advanced Tabs

Preset and custom styling for creating beautiful Tabbed content for your Beaver Builder site.

More tab appearance options

This is a useful way to display a gallery without having to put all the images on the page and the slide transition options are really nice.

One image trigger for full custom album/gallery

Animation option for navigation
A really basic module whose effect can be duplicated using other modules like the CallOut or the Icon modules.
Alert Box

Simple notification and alert boxes to grab user's attention

Useful modules for pop-up style notifications and alerts. It would be an easy way to implement a simple GDRP message on your site since it has the options to display after a certain amount of time after first seen.
Announcement Bar

Display latest announcements, offers, discounts, or any notifications

Useful for blog author sections but the same layout can be easily achieved with basic image/text modules but it saves some time on setup.
Author Box

Display the Author Badge on the posts, pages in a stylish way

Different source options
Both modules do their job but I have to give it to the PowerPack version here due to the more flexibility in its styling options, both labels can have a different style along with the handle and separator. The ability to have a mouse click option to move the slider is nice and missing from UABB
Before After Slider / Image Comparison

Easily create great looking image comparison, before and after slider


More style options and slider options
If you use one of the compatible SEO plugins this is a good way to display breadcrumbs anywhere on your site. I was really hoping it wouldn't need to be integrated with another plugin for it to work.

Breadcrumbs Module allows you to create a hierarchical representation of the navigation links

Edge to the PowerPack version that has more options for timing settings like a switch for "Closed" that doesn't require deleting the timing itself and other useful options like whole or range options
Business Hours

Create a stylish business hours section that suits your website


A few more timing settings
There are so many paid plugins that only provide this function so the fact that you can get it with UABB is great! It has a tonne of display options and great for your B2C business clients.
Business Review

Build trust and authority by fetching real reviews from Google and Yelp directly on to your website!


Both versions of this module have a nice set of hover animations and while the PowerPack version may have more animation options the UABB version has more creative animations like icon movement and 3D moves.
Button / Smart Button

Create stylish call-to-action buttons

Variety of hover animations

I really like this module for situations like creating an intermediate category list page for large sites. It gives you the option to show just the child of a specific category or just all the top-level categories, very flexible.
Category Grid

Display Category or Custom Taxonomy on any page in a grid or carousel style

List and carousel options
Don't really see the need for this module since the separator options are included in the column and row settings
Column Separator

Add a column separator between rows and columns

If you don't use a third party form creators I would go with the UABB version here. The default style is modern and will require less work to make look even better unlike PowerPack. Plus the UABB version has a built email template editor with simple shortcodes to customize the email right in the module.
Contact Form

Create an attractive and simple Contact form for your website


Nice creative layout for any post type and queries. Limited to the first few posts and new custom layout option like with the regular post module, but cool none the less.
Content Tiles

Create magazine style layouts with any content type

More layout options
Really useful module especially when integrated with the pricing module so users can switch between, for instance, monthly vs yearly billing. It's also useful for before and after images or text or whatever, great modules
Content Toggle

Allow your users to switch between two different content types


Pretty standard countdown setup. I'll give an edge to the UABB version here due to the time zone selection option and the ability to customize the shape around the number. It has a little more flexibility but no alignment option like the PowerPack version for some reason.

Use this module to create urgency on your site

Timezone and custom digit area shape

Has some of the same functions as the progress bar but has a few different functions that make it suited for strictly number counting.

Use counters with icons and separators to show-off and attract users


If you use coupons on your e-commerce site this is a must. I love the show code on click and the copy functionality, it's great for user experience. I really like all the display options, very flexible.

Create attention-grabbing coupons anywhere on your website and display offers & discounts

Hide/Show codes
Some really nice animation options that would have been nice to be included in the Advanced Menu module since that seems like the purpose here just without submenus.
Creative Link

Add a set of creative links that are both stylish and attractive with magical hover effects


Interesting module for mimicking layouts on different devices. It has a lot of interesting options and can even toggle landscape and portrait mode for smaller devices but I would not advise using the toggle because the size of the device changes radically.

Add device frames to your pages for beautifully showcasing your web designs or portfolio

Not only for one-page sites but great for pages with a lot of copy where users can go straight to the content they are looking for or to curate the user experience. Piece of advice, it's best all the rows are equal heigh others the auto navigation will not work as expected.
Dot / Page Navigation

Create beautiful one page websites

This one is a toss-up because the UABB version has cool divider options and better responsive appearance but in PowerPack you can style each button separately, each button can have different border or background colors. It's really going to depend on your needs.
Dual Button

Create stylish dual button with various options

Nice divider option

Each button as style option
The button module is pretty versatile with the ability to include a like button along with a share button and share and like counters in a number of layout options. With the comment module, you can use Facebook as the comment section for your posts instead of the default WP comment system which can be helpful for spam and visibility but can be limiting if not all your users have Facebook accounts. The page and embed module are useful to display upcoming events and to highlight posts
Facebook Modules

Increase user engagement on your site and get more followers with Facebook Modules

Interesting and fun animation options but I don't believe it really needed its own module. It would be nice to have these options in the standard heading module.
Fancy Heading

Create beautiful headings with built-in presets

A nice attractive way to emphasize a piece of content in your heading. The PowerPack versions has many more animations and styles to choose from. Just remember to reduce the size of the text for mobile because the animation will not break, it will just go off the edge of the screen.
Fancy Text / Animated Headlines

Add creative, stylish headings to your website


More animations
Basically a specially formatted accordion that incorporates Google schema to help promote your FAQ page. The UABB version included a grid layout option to create a more compact layout while the PowerPack version offers the ability to load posts or ACF fields to populate your FAQ.

Create, Organize & Display your FAQs with Schema Markup

Grid layout

Source options
So it's really just a button module with a field to connect a file from the media library. Can save time since you don't have to go to the media library in a different window to copy a link and paste into standard button modules.
File Download

Allow users to download a file using a File Download Button

This is just a Photo Gallery module that has the option to filter by categories or tags but this feature is included in the UABB gallery module really shouldn't be a separate module
Filterable Gallery

Create a beautiful gallery with filters and overlay effects

Available in regular photo gallery module

Both versions of this module are pretty much the same but with UABB I really like that when you are editing the content for the back of the card the module flips the card so you can see what it looks like which the PowerPack version does not do so you'll have to hope it looks right only after you save.
Flip Box

Add dual side content on information boxes with flip animations.


A slight edge to the PowerPack version due to its extra options for the map view but otherwise both can do what you need, Multiple locations with unique icons/custom image for both is great
Google Map

Add a map to share a location. Keep it solo or pair it up with your contact info or an appealing form


Not matter which version you use you'll save tonnes of time formatting your gravity forms. It's a toss-up between the two. The only difference I see is that the UABB version has a more style button presets like 3D or gradient.
Gravity Form

Gravity Forms Module lets you take complete control of styling the forms

Button Style presets

The PowerPack Smart Heading includes all the features found in UABB's Heading and Dual Color Heading modules so you don't have to choose between one feature over another making it very flexible.
Heading / Dual Color / Smart Heading

Create heading with various styles, separators, and description. You can create dual color and dual font heading.


Separator and Icon styles
An interesting module with different hover effects but not really sure it's purpose but I'm sure you can find a use for it.
Highlight Box

Create a colorful text box with hover affects

Over a dozen hover animation options to choose from with some really nice layouts and display options. Great for hiding a lot of information until needed.
Hover Cards

Show your content with style and hover effects.

Both modules are pretty much exact copies of each other. Great modules with tonnes of options for tools, supplies, time, etc. Google schema will help promote your How To page
How To

Create & Display How-to Guides, Tutorials, and walk-throughs


An advantage to the PowerPack version on this one since it has an option to create a numbered list and style it accordingly. I still wish both modules would have an option to have different icons for each list item.
Icon List

Explore different styles to display a list with stunning icons as bullets to your list


Has a number list option
A very unique set of animations to display images and text. With 19 animations to choose from, there'll be an animation or two that perfectly suit your needs.

Get the best animation effects to display text when user hovers on an image.


Both modules have basically all the same features and settings except in the UABB version you can drag and drop your markers as opposed to manually entering percentage positions in the PowerPack version which can tedious to get an exact position.
Image Hotspot

With Image Hotspot module you can showcase product features, create virtual tours, and display information.

Drag and drop coordinate setup

A creative way to show really wide or tall images without taking up the whole page or making them really short. Especially good for display projects like a full page screen capture of a website or a panorama.
Image Scroll

Image Scroll module gives you a creative way to display Images on your website.

These modules are a nice way to highlight some content and have some interactivity. the UABB version has some more image hover animation while the PowerPack version has all the animate.js animations for the content itself but it didn't work for me. Ultimately I lean toward the UABB version.
Info Banner / Smart Banner

Create fancy adverts or information blocks with call to action

More image animation

Content animation
Both versions of the module do the exact same thing with the same settings. The only difference between the two is that PowerPack version has the full animation library for the icon on hover.
Info Box

Create beautiful content to showcase your products and services


Icon animations
A really unique way to present data in a creative way, whether you have only few items or 15 you can show a lot of data in the same amount of space with a great responsive layout.
Info Circle

Give your information a new look with icons and images on the circumference

Very unique at the moment

Another one of those modules where they are basically identical except that the PowerPack version has the full library of animations for the icon and each icon can have a different animation.
Info List

A very flexible and easy to use module to display content in vertical or horizontal list formats


Icon animations
A simple way to display your Instagram feed on your site with hover animations and the ability to show likes and shares.
Instagram Feed

Display Instagram photos from Instagram accounts

Very similar to PowerPack's Hover Cards module except you only create one banner as opposed to as many as you want. Still a nice way to make an interesting hover effect banner or card.
Interactive Banner

Use an Interactive banner with a beautiful animation effect and add text to explain the image further


Both modules have basically all the same options when it comes to the login form itself but the UABB version stands out for its option to utilize Google and Facebook accounts to log into WordPress. It takes a little doing to set up but a nice addition overall.
Login Forms

Create WordPress Login forms easily

Social Login options

A nice and easy way to add logos with several different effects and layouts. This module is really flexible for displaying logos or images.
Logo Grid and Carousel

Create a grid or carousel to flaunt your client or partner logos

I would really call this module 'Advanced Button' because it's a button module that has an additional text field and more hover options and animations.
Marketing Button

Create appealing call-to-actions that lets you add additional text with a fully customization button


Both versions get the job done with basically all the same options. the UABB version has a few more content options like iframe, YouTube, and Vimeo and some nicer opening animations. The PowerPack version has more control over the close button position, more importantly one of the triggers is Exit Intent which can be really useful for lead gen . I really wish one of them would take a page from Elementor and at least add button option that can close or do something else based on a click.
Modal Popup / Modal Box

Create custom popups with various trigger options - auto-load, on-click and exit intent

More content options

Exit intent trigger and close button controls
I really like this module especially for bio pages to show team bios without having to take users to another page but I especially like it for off-canvas menus. You use any icon to trigger the slide-out and put any content you want in it. I use it for this site's menu!

Display creative flyout panels in a responsive off-canvas panel


I like UABB included the filtering option here instead of a separate module but the PowerPack version has several more overlay style and animation options, plus in the lightbox, you have a thumbnail gallery to the side.
Photo Gallery

Make use of the Photo gallery module to display all your photos in a grid or masonry layout

Filterable by category options included

Overlay animations and thumbnail gallery
Taking a page from Elementor the PowerPack module has a slew of hover effects like opacity, saturation, grayscale, etc. So definite advantage there for PowerPack.

Showcase images in a beautiful layout


More images effects and on hover
A nice creative way to display your posts, pages, and custom post types in timeline layout with several style, display, and layout options. A custom post layout option like in the standard post-module would have been a nice addition.
Post Timeline

Show your content in timeline style.

While the UABB version has the option to add a legend the dual pricing option of the PowerPack version is far more useful.
Price Box / Pricing Table

List your packages with various styling options

Legend box

Dual pricing option
A nice way to quickly add a menu for food or services with a lot of styles. The PowerPack version has some extra and structure options like having a tabbed layout or columns but I don't actually see as a way to do it. The UABB version has a price connector option which is simple but helps connected titles and prices so it's helpful.
Price List / Restaurant-Services Menu

Create a menu for restaurants, cafes, bar, eateries or list any business services

Price connector

Tabbed layout
Many more options than the standard BB Counter and really flexible.
Progress Bar

Flaunt your progress or the development so far with advanced progress bars.

Multiple display options

Quick and easy way to add and customize a quote

Quick way to pull quotes

I know this is going to sound like heresy but I don't get the point of this module. All logos should be SVG and all images should be high-def and optimized and to have to load two identical images everywhere sounds cumbersome.
Retina Image

Add high definition images and logos on your WordPress website


This module requires manually adding reviews which will be fine for some people but the automated system of the UABB Business Reviews may suit better here, all depends on your needs.

Add glaring reviews to the site in beautiful designs

A nice to emphasize a message but unfortunately, a little outdated for more modern sites in my view.

Beautifully designed Ribbons add to the beauty of your website.


Pretty nice module for customizing the look of your search bar. You can't swap out the search parameter but it gets the job done
Search Form

Give seamless navigation power in your users hands with the Search Form module

Really useful module to quickly create a sitemap that automatically updates as you add new content. With the ability to exclude specific pages and style the lists you have great control.

Sitemap module allows you to create a sitemap page

I like to use this module as apposed to an accordion because it can trigger on hover and it doesn't push content up and down because it directly overlays what is below it. I really like this module.
Slide Box

Use slide boxes to slide out information when a user clicks or hovers on them


Basically like an icon list module but with the ability to add links and use custom icons
Social Icons

Display a list of your social media pages easily

Custom Icons
A definite advantage to the PowerPack modules which twice as many social networks available to connect to and more share button styles including icon and text button options. Just weird that you can't center the icons
Social Share

Share your website content over different social media networks


More networks and styles
Can be incorporated into all kinds of layouts but I was expecting some kind of integration with the rating system of Woo but I don't see one.
Star Rating

Rate content anywhere on your website

Both versions have all the same mailing providers and settings to customize the form itself. What's nice about the PowerPack version is that it included options to popup the form including exit-intent.
Subscribe Form

Add beautiful optin / subscribe forms that work with all popular mailing services


Popup options
The UABB version is far superior in this case. With advanced options like rowspan, colspan, and custom widths you have far more control of the table content. There are also options for a table search field and an entries drop-down option for greater UX.

Create a table with custom data using various styling and sorting options

Advanced row and column options

A really great option to improve the user experience for articles of any length. It took a little while to configure it because it kept loading my main menu but once I figured that out it was awesome. It saves so much since it automatically generates the list and links to your main headers. Amazing module!
Table of Contents

A quick index at the top of the page/post can give an idea about topics explained within a post.

Useful for long posts

Both versions are pretty similar. I would lean toward the UABB version because you can choose any icon for the social media links rather than relying on the default ones.

Show off your team of experts with this highly customizable module


It's a bit of a toss-up between the two. The UABB version allows you to choose icons or images but limits the number of visible testimonials in the slider to one. The PowerPack has more flexibility with the slider options but limits the visuals. You'll have to choose which best fits your needs

Create testimonial slider and carousel with a few clicks

Icon or photo option

Layout Options
Simple and efficient module for creating timelines with custom content and the ability to link to more content.

Tell your story with a beautiful timeline

A group of modules to tightly integrate your Twitter account onto your site. Includes the button modules to share your content on Twitter, embedded grid, tweet, and timeline all with several display options, the dark mode being my favorite.
Twitter Modules

Module to display your Twitter feed, Tweet buttons, Twitter embedded grid and timeline

Great for e-comm sites or forums, completely customize the experience for users through styling and completion logic. Pair with the login module and you can fully customize the user registration/login experience. I'll have to give PowerPack an edge here, it offers more field options like a consent checkbox and the ability to add an image background.
User Registration Form

Build customized user registration forms with additional fields and more styling options


More field and styling options
If you use YouTube for your video hosting than the UABB version is for you. It offers a YouTube subscription bar to allow a user to subscribe right on your page! The Sticky video option is an awesome touch too. UABB is limited to YouTube. Vimeo, and Wistia but the PowerPack version offers any external video links and self-hosted video.

Video module allows you to integrate a video on your web pages with multiple styling options

Stick Video and YouTube subscription bar

More source options
Both versions of these modules do their job splendidly and it really is a toss-up. If I had to choose between the two the PowerPack version may just inch ahead because it has more playback options including platform-specific options like Privacy Mode for YouTube or Intro Byline for Vimeo.
Video Gallery

Create beautiful video galleries with the highly optimized Video Gallery module


More platform specific options
Woo Products and Categories gives a nice added style to your archive pages which also adds a preview functionality allowing users to see a popup of the single product page without leaving the Products page. The Add to Cart modules is a nice way to add cart functionality anywhere on your site not just on WooCommerce pages.
WooCommerce Modules

Enhance your WooCommerce website with these three modules



Both plugins have their unique modules and settings so it'll be really hard to recommend one over the other. I can say there are some really nice quality of life things that UABB imploys like modules with hidden panels are shown when editing that specific content like with flip boxes. I also like that almost every module has a 'Doc' tab that links users to help articles about the module. These two items show how Brainstorm thinks about the end-user when creating their modules.

Other Reviews and Guides

When I learn something I like to share it. Expect new articles all the time!