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Sennheiser CX200 Street II In-ear Headphones Review

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Amazing sounds in small package. My new daily drivers

sennheiser cx200 review

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Sennheiser CX200 Street II Twist-to-Fit Earbuds


I’ve been on an audio experience upgrade kick for a while now.

I started by upgrading the in-ear headphones that I use pretty much all day now. Before I would just use cheap dollar store brand earbuds that would work for a while then break for no reason and get replaced with another. After a few rounds of this I got a little tired of it, so I decided to sit down and do a little research into some quality but affordable in-ear headphones.

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Purchase Choice

From what I can tell from recommendations and reviews Sennheiser is the premium brand for audiophiles, which I am not, but I was interested to see if they offered anything in the for broke people that want a good audio experience section. This is where I found the CX200 series of headphones. For me, $25 for in-ear headphones seemed steep but looking at some of their other offerings like their IE80s that are in the almost $200 range I wanted to give them a try.

The almost 1000 positive reviews and the fact that Sennheiser offers a 2-year warranty was also very persuasive.

With some reward points, I picked them up for $18.66 from its original $24.98. They seem to have gone up in price in the two weeks since I got them

Product Overview

With them in hand there’s nothing too fancy about the packaging, it was nice to see they provided a variety of earpieces to fit different people. We are human after all so one size does not fit all. The middle-sized buds worked perfectly for me.

These definitely feel like a quality product. Even the cables themselves have a nice almost rubber feel to them. They seem to resist tangling up no matter what I did to them like rolling them up into a ball in my hands or leaving them to get shuffled around in my camera bag they would unwind without prolonged hassle.

Each earpiece has a letter indicating which side was which. The earbuds themselves are incredibly soft to the touch and after two weeks, using them all most 18 hours a day they still feel great, even with them being covered a wax.

One thing you notice right away is how lightweight they are, you almost forget about them after a while. They fit so well that even while I’m eating, they stay in place which was an impossible thing to ask from the cheaper headphones since just the process of moving my jaw to chew would let them slide out. Not the case with the CX200

I was even able to fall asleep with them in and not feel uncomfortable when I move around.

Personal Experience

Now for the actual audio experience, this is something that will vary greatly from person to person so take my observations for what they are, an average guy with average hearing that upgraded from dollar store headphones.

Sound isolation with just the buds in and nothing playing was impressive. It was enough to block the annoyingly loud heating system in the office building I work in.

Right off the bat playing a variety of music I noticed that the highs are crisp and the vocals aren’t drowned out like some of the other headphones.

The biggest difference is the bass. You can literally feel it, but it’s not overpowering to the point that it gives you a headache or takes away from what you’re listening to.

I didn’t have too much to say about the audio quality but to put simply, I love it. Everything from all kinds of music, to news broadcasts, to you tubes videos sound great. I’d like to think that it will sound just as good for you but again everyone is different.

The Conclusion

I would highly recommend these headphones specifically and Sennheiser in general especially if you can get them at the good price or get a chance to try them out before you buy which is getting more and more difficult to actually do these days.

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