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Aukey Dash Cam Review and Installation Guide


Whenever I learn something new I like to share it, especially if it took some effort to figure it out. Other’s have helped me through their hard work and perseverance, so I like to return the favor. Whether you are a techy or just someone interested in the same topics as me don't hesitate to explore or ask a question!

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To be honest I can be all over the place but I like to put most of my energy in these areas

Exploring the world of video production may be new for me but I'm having a blast learning!
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Working on websites is what I do, the best great thing about it is there's always something new to learn!
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This has been a passion of mine for a long time and with the advancement of new camera tech, it's never been more fun to take part!
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3D printing for the masses is one of the most exciting developments in decades and my love of CAD is a perfect match for it!
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