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Since the 1970s Western Digital has been a leader in the electronics industry manufacturing integrated circuits and specializing in storage products and solutions. The American-based company has led the way in newer and newer technology which can be seen in their wide array of products available to consumers, companies, research institutions, governments, and more.

While hard discs are a large portion of Western Digital’s business the move into solid-state drives has proven to be another specialization they offer to all types of customers.

I’ve trusted Western Digital products for as long as I’ve been using computers for fun or work. Of course in the beginning hard discs were the only options and amazingly I still have some of my earliest drives going back to when 80 gigabyte hard drives were considering unlimited storage. Now though 4Tb barely cut it which is why most typically rely on a combination of super-fast SSDs for the operating system and critical programs and high-capacity hard drives for mass storage.

I’ve had the pleasure of using products from a wide spectrum of Western Digital’s lineup. I’ve linked the ones I personally use on a regular basis or rely on long-term storage. I’m sure you’ll won’t disappointed with the products listed below. I’ll keep trying new products as they come out and let you know what comes of it.

I own half a dozen of these drives.

I absolutely love these drives. A couple of key features of these  Gold Enterprise Class Internal Hard Drives are:

  • Their reliability since they are designed to run in hard environments constantly.
  • Speed, at 7200RPM these drives are much faster the 5400RPM drives.
  • 256MB cache you can load tons of data without losing speed.
  • You can’t beat the prices per gig with these specifications

This is a great companion to the above drive.

These WD_Black SSDs are top of their class in so many respects from endurance to random write speeds and more. While the cost per gig doesn’t compare to a HDD with the specs it’s a great choice.

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