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Connecting Xreal Air AR Glasses to Your Desktop Computer: A Step-by-Step Guide

how to connect xreal to desktop PC

Intro The Xreal (formerly Nreal) Air AR glasses have revolutionized the way we experience augmented reality. However, connecting these glasses to a desktop computer can be a bit challenging, especially if your computer lacks a USB-C video output, we ran into this problem an took a good bit of time and money to figure it […]

How to Make Custom Icons for WordPress and Elementor Pro

custom icons thumb blog

Intro Hey everyone, Patrik CK here, with a web development tutorial. This one is all about creating custom icons to use on your WordPress website utilizing the Elementor Pro page builder. There are three parts to this tutorial. First, we’ll cover how to build your custom icon so that when you export them they are […]

Nvidia Canvas AI Tutorial and Overview

tutorial and overview of nvidia canvas thumbnail

Intro Nvidia’s Canvas software turns doodled drawings into impressive practically photorealistic landscape photos thanks to the power of AI, our future overlord. With the release of Canvas 1.1 a more powerful AI model and higher res results make Canvas even better and easier to use. Full Review Watch the overview video or keep reading the […]

Photoshop CC Save As Change

changes to save as in adobe photoshop

Intro Today we’re looking at a photoshop tip for an issue I ran into after one of the recent CC updates. I have a feeling I’m not the only one that’s finding this change frustrating. Full Review Watch the overview video or keep reading the full article below Table of Contents Quick History I’ve […]

How to Create a New Channel in YouTube Studio – 2021 Update

Intro A quick tip for my fellow YouTubers who are looking to branch out from their primary channel by creating secondary, tertiary, or more channels. It’s a good idea to create new channels when introducing new brands or content that would otherwise not be suitable for your primary channel and its audience. Full Guide Watch […]

How to Record the Mouse Cursor in GeForce Experience

Intro I’ve been using Nvidia GeForce Experience for years to record everything from gameplay to tutorials. It’s an incredibly convenient setup since it’s included with Nvidia GeForce drivers and it’s very user friendly. Because of this it’s used by hundreds of thousands of people around the world to capture what they’re doing. Even though it’s […]

Do iframes Work In Emails?

iframe and emails

Intro In a bid to standardize the email signatures for my day job I was posed an interesting question. Could we use an iframe to pull a custom layout from a website into the email signature? I have a feeling I knew the answer but I wanted to make sure to explore all the options. […]

My Health Crisis and its Aftermath

Blog post health battle

Health Battle When my own appendix tried to kill me and almost succeeded This isn’t exactly a tech-oriented article but I thought it was important to share my story. There are two main chapters of my experience I want to share. The first part focuses on the events that took place at the end of […]

Save Images from Google Sheets In One Easy Step

Blog post image - sheets

Intro Trying to figure out how to download and save images from Google Sheets has to have been one of the more frustrating things I’ve had to figure out for something that should be so simple. I spent hours looking at blog posts that wanted you to save to a zip file, or publish to […]

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