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Save Images from Google Sheets In One Easy Step


Trying to figure out how to download and save images from Google Sheets has to have been one of the more frustrating things I’ve had to figure out for something that should be so simple. I spent hours looking at blog posts that wanted you to save to a zip file, or publish to the web, or export to Excel, or use a sketchy extension just to save an image! No need for any of that. Here is the simplest way to save an image from Google Sheets. You’ll wonder why this isn’t more prevalent.

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Steps to Save/Download Images from Google Sheets

  1.  Select the Image
  2.  Hold the Shift key
  3.  Right mouse click on the image
  4.  Select “Save image as…”

Yeah, it’s that simple!

See screenshot below for the amazingly easy function.

Using ‘Put Image Over Cells’ for Embedded Images

For images embedded in cells, a simple method exists to save them. Right-click on the cell with the image and select ‘Put Image Over Cells’ from the Image submenu. This shifts the image’s position, allowing you to use the earlier described technique: hold Shift, right-click the image, and select ‘Save image as…’. After saving, you can easily reverse the process and place the image back into the cell, maintaining its original position.


This only seems to work in Google Sheets, none of the other Google Suite products allow this find of functionality, be it Google Docs or Slides.

It only seems to work when using Google Chrome. Though if you’re not using Chrome you probably need to reevaluate all your life choices.


So why was that so hard to do from the start? I’m not really sure but I suspect it has something to do with being in  Google’s Open Doc platform where the standard right-click opens up a purpose-built menu that’s specific to the area you are selecting.

As to why all these other blog posts are recommending doing all these other crazy things, I don’t know either. 


Short and simple just like I like it. I hope this helped you all out!

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