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Ultimate Addons vs PowerPack for Beaver Builder


There's a pitched battle for those of us who use Beaver Builder over the addon plugins that extends and enhances the Beaver Builder platform. None more fought over than between the two major module extensions available out there. Ultimate Addons and PowerPack. Each adds more than 60+ enhanced and unique modules to the Beaver Builder library.

They each have their stand out features and modules which is why in the end most developers and designers just install both of them and pick the modules they want from each on. In the end, though is there an all-out winner between the two? I wanted to find so I played around with both as much as I could and created a list for both comparing their modules and extras.

I created a pick list that outlines the modules I think are the best between the two plugins. You can go into your setting screen for both plugins and only show the modules from the list. This helps to clean up those massive module lists and saves you time from figuring which is best and gets you doing what you do best, building sites!

I will try to be as impartial as I can and will try to make updates once a month since both plugin developers are continuously adding new content, a lot of time to seemingly add an equivalent module that the other did earlier. I'll try my best to do so because only the most up to date information are of any worth.

None less It's a great battle to watch and one that only benefits us, developers and designers.

Last update 1/17/2019 - I aim to update at least once a month

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    Developed by IdeaBox Creations

  • UABB logo

    Ultimate Addons

    Developed by Brainstorm

Pick List

Below is a list of the modules I've chosen to include on my sites from their respective plugins. I've gone through each module and compared them to their counterparts, if they had one, and chose the ones that I believe either had the better feature set, more options, or better user experience, etc. Further down I've listed every module and my thoughts about each if you want more detail.

UABB logo
  • Advanced Icons
  • Advanced Menu
  • Advanced Sepataor
  • Advanced Tabs
  • Button
  • Contact Form
  • Content Toggle
  • Countdown
  • Counter
  • Creative Link
  • Flip Box
  • Gravity Form
  • How To
  • iHover
  • Image Hotspot
  • Info Banner
  • Info Cirlce
  • Interactive Banner
  • Login Forms
  • Marketing Button
  • Off-Canvas
  • Price List
  • Progress Bar
  • Retina Image
  • Ribbon
  • Slide Box
  • Table
  • Table of Contents
  • Team
  • Testimonials
  • User Registration Form
  • Video
  • WooCommerce Modules
  • 3D Gallery
  • Advanced Accordion
  • Album
  • Alert Box
  • Animated Headlines
  • Announcement Bar
  • Author Box
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Business Hours
  • Category Grid
  • Column Separator
  • Content Tiles
  • Coupon
  • Devices
  • Dot / Page Navigation
  • Dual Button
  • Facebook Modules
  • Fancy Heading
  • FAQ
  • File Download
  • Filterable Gallery
  • Google Map
  • Heading
  • Highlight Box
  • Hover Cards
  • Icon List
  • Image Comparison
  • Image
  • Image Scroll
  • Info Box
  • Info List
  • Instagram Feed
  • Logo Grid and Carousel
  • Modal Box
  • Photo Gallery
  • Post Timeline
  • Pricing Table
  • Pullquote
  • Search Form
  • Sitemap
  • Smart Heading
  • Social Icons
  • Social Share
  • Star Rating
  • Subscribe Form
  • Timeline
  • Twitter Modules
  • Video Gallery

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Deep Dive

Below is a list of every module offered by both plugins. I identify which plugin offers the module and when the module was first introduced (innovation leaders). Hover or click each list item to read my perspective on each module, specifically any special features or options that give one module version an edge over the other. Again I will try to keep this list as update as is reasonably possible.

UABB logo
A nice way to quickly add a menu for food or services with a lot of styles. The PowerPack version has some extra and structure options like having a tabbed layout or columns but I don't actually see as a way to do it. The UABB version has a price connector option which is simple but helps connected titles and prices so it's helpful.
Price List / Restaurant-Services Menu

Create a menu for restaurants, cafes, bar, eateries or list any business services

Price connector

Tabbed layout
Many more options than the standard BB Counter and really flexible.
Progress Bar

Flaunt your progress or the development so far with advanced progress bars.

Multiple display options

Quick and easy way to add and customize a quote

Quick way to pull quotes

I know this is going to sound like heresy but I don't get the point of this module. All logos should be SVG and all images should be high-def and optimized and to have to load two identical images everywhere sounds cumbersome.
Retina Image

Add high definition images and logos on your WordPress website


This module requires manually adding reviews which will be fine for some people but the automated system of the UABB Business Reviews may suit better here, all depends on your needs.

Add glaring reviews to the site in beautiful designs

A nice to emphasize a message but unfortunately, a little outdated for more modern sites in my view.

Beautifully designed Ribbons add to the beauty of your website.


Pretty nice module for customizing the look of your search bar. You can't swap out the search parameter but it gets the job done
Search Form

Give seamless navigation power in your users hands with the Search Form module

Really useful module to quickly create a sitemap that automatically updates as you add new content. With the ability to exclude specific pages and style the lists you have great control.

Sitemap module allows you to create a sitemap page

I like to use this module as apposed to an accordion because it can trigger on hover and it doesn't push content up and down because it directly overlays what is below it. I really like this module.
Slide Box

Use slide boxes to slide out information when a user clicks or hovers on them


Basically like an icon list module but with the ability to add links and use custom icons
Social Icons

Display a list of your social media pages easily

Custom Icons


Both plugins have their unique modules and settings so it'll be really hard to recommend one over the other. I can say there are some really nice quality of life things that UABB imploys like modules with hidden panels are shown when editing that specific content like with flip boxes. I also like that almost every module has a 'Doc' tab that links users to help articles about the module. These two items show how Brainstorm thinks about the end-user when creating their modules.

Other Reviews and Guides

When I learn something I like to share it. Expect new articles all the time!