Learning Blender After SketchUp | Part 3 – Push/Pull

Intro Hey everyone Patrik CK with part 3 of my guide to help make the transition from SketchUp to Blender. Before we start I just want to give a quick thanks for all the feedback and comments so far, it’s much appreciated! In case you haven’t reviewed the first two guides please take a moment […]

Learning Blender after SketchUp | Part 2 – Snapping

Intro Hey everyone Patrik CK here with part 2 of my series helping those of us who are lifelong SketchUp users transition to Blender. With the official release of Blender 2.8+ it’s absolutely never been easier to get started. Quick tip, installing Blender through Steam will make sure you always have the most up to […]

Learning Blender after SketchUp | Part 1 – Navigation

Intro Hey everyone Patrik CK here with a new series aimed at helping those of you looking to make the switch from SketchUp to Blender but who may be worried that learning a whole new program from scratch may be just too daunting. I mean just looking at the interface of Blender is enough to […]

Maker Select V2 – Ep 2 | SketchUp + Cura = Awesome

3D printing with cura and sketchup

In the second episode we take a look at how to get models from Google / Trimble SketchUp, my favorite and most used CAD program into files ready for 3D Printing. While you can’t do this directly there is a middle man program called Cura that with a few clicks gets you the GCode file we need to use in the Maker Select V2.