Maker Select V2 – Ep 2 | SketchUp + Cura = Awesome

3D printing with cura and sketchup

In the second episode we take a look at how to get models from Google / Trimble SketchUp, my favorite and most used CAD program into files ready for 3D Printing. While you can’t do this directly there is a middle man program called Cura that with a few clicks gets you the GCode file we need to use in the Maker Select V2.

Maker Select V2 – Ep 1 | Overview and Assembly

3d printing monoprice maker select v2

In the first episode of the series I dive right into assembling the Monoprice Maker Select V2 which is a fairly straight forward process with some need to carefully calibration. Once assembled we print our first model using one of the files included with printer. The results of which are surprising and impressive.