Monoprice MP10 Mini Review – Part1

Monoprice MP10 mini model

0 mins Time to Assemble A nice upgrade from the MS V2, assembly is straightforward Full Product Name Monoprice-134438 MP10 Mini 3D Printer – Black with (200 x 200 mm) Magnetic Heated Build Plate Intro It’s been a while since I made 3D printing video. Part of the reason for that is because I thought […]

Maker Select V2 – Ep 8 | 2 Years Later…Still Worth It?

2 years later blog post

0 % Overall Rating Still a great intry level 3D printing. Meant for learning the basic, that’s it. Intro It’s been almost 2 years since I got my own V2 and I thought it was time to look back and review my stretch with this printer. For all of you peeps that have been watching […]

Maker Select V2 – Ep 5 | DiiCooler Explained, Installed, and Tested!

In this episode we are going to look at another important mod that will help improve the quality of our prints. This time around we are going to focus on improving the cooling situation of the V2 by replacing the stock cooling fan and shroud with the Dii Cooler aftermarket fan kit and accompanying shroud that we will print.

Maker Select V2 – Epi 4.5 | Mounting a Camera

part 4-5 blog post

In this episode I wanted to solve a practical problem with a custom model. While the problem isn’t one that most people will have the process and steps I can to resolve it can be applied to other problems.

Maker Select V2 – Ep 4 | First Benchy – First Mod

Blog thumbnail benchy and first mod

While the Maker Select V2 is a good printer, out of the box it could use some help in the quality department, this is were some handy modifications can help the printer improve the final products. In the episode we will focus on the over all stability of the printer, as even minor vibrations can affect the final out come. Let’s get started!

Maker Select V2 – Ep 3 | Keycaps and Supporting Them

Cherry MX Keycaps article thumbnail

Now that we have the basis for modeling and printing, it’s time to see what we can actually do. I thought a simple quick print would be best at first. What would be a good simple and quick model? A keyboard key cap of course. While simple it can prove how well or not a model can print and be used in a real world application.